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This website was originally created back in 2008 and has been revised several times now. In the past, I’ve had authors and co-authors who’ve worked with me on this site, along with several other volunteers. This new revision/update will be different. It is scripture-based, with no room for date-setters, skeptics, naysayers, speculators, false teachers, debates, hypocrisy, etc. This site is now a very basic learning tool regarding the End Times; which I feel would help new believers and mature believers alike, to understand and know what the future holds for us.

I will try to periodically find different videos to share; videos that I feel are either relevant or fact based. I also plan to open up a new Facebook group so that believers can help others to prepare for the Lord’s immanent coming. Thank you to those of you who have continuously supported me by believing in this site.  I hope you will find the updated site helpful, and I pray that it will  be used as a tool to teach others about what will take place in the near future.

One must approach a sensitive subject such as the End Times with an open mind and without prejudgement. In the secular world it is quite the controversial subject. For those of you who do not understand what is going to take place in the future (End Times) I strongly encourage you to carefully study everything on this site before hastily making up your mind as to whether you believe or not.

May the Lord Keep You and Bless You In The Name of Jesus Christ!

Cindy ~ End Times Prophecy Webmaster (SalvWeb@yahoo.com)

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