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As we experience more and more controversy and devastation in this world, there are so many people out there in the field capturing what is really going on around the globe. While we will try to keep our news sources legitimate and based on facts, we are sure that every once in a while something will slip past us that is controversial and possibly a fabrication; so please bear with us and know that we are doing the best we can to keep up with the times. You can always contact us at or use the contact form below to let us know if one of our sources is posting a lot of rubbish. Just be careful to not let it be an opinion one might have formed about a certain source, because everyone has their own likes and dislikes and opinions. What’s good for one person may not be good for someone else .. if that’s the case, please just ignore that source and choose a different news source. Also, please provide us with a link if you have a great news source that we can add to this page.



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